More about TradeCloud

The TradeCloud System is the result of over 12 years of development, delivery, hosting and servicing of a select client base of large corporate importers. The TradeCloud system was initially developed in strategic partnership with large corporate clients listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa.

The driver of TradeCloud is to provide import buyers with accurate per unit of product cost and real-time updates to the cost flowing from interactive supplier and other updates of changes in orders or shipments.

TradeCloud is a FIRST of its type in cloud based business-to-business import trade management.

  • Pre and Post shipment delivered cost per unit of imported products is provided as essential to profitable import trade
  • Transaction processing is provided as: Configured System as Self-Help Option or as a fully serviced Trade Implementation Option
  • Trade Finance facilities can be accessed
  • Foreign Exchange Management is provided with lock down in exposures and rates
  • Participation in Consolidated Cargo Management achieves lower cost per unit
  • Import Supply Chain Management and Reporting follows best pracice

TradeCloud provides Import Clients with:

  • Lower Delivered Cost Per Unit of Product Imported
  • Pre-Order Buying Decision Making – Cost Per Unit
  • Accurate, Real Time, Pre and Post Shipment Cost Per Unit
  • Reports and Triggers to Ensure Cost Control and Service Optimisation
  • Best Practice Import Trade: Visibility, Control and Risk Management

Export functionality on the same platform provides:

  • Export Documentation
  • Automated Export Customs Clearance Integration
  • Scope for Import / Export Duty Drawback

TradeCoud services large and small clients. Both achieve benefits across the value chain with the emphasis and degree of value subject to client circumstances and specific requirements:

Project Solutions

  • Structure and obtain use of your own TradeCloud instance – Tailored and Configured as Required
  • Achieves automation, Integration and Elimination of Investment in non-core Import Trade Systems and Processes
  • Achieves visibility, Control and Risk Management over all Import Trade Transactions
  • Provides a Tailored Combination of Self-Help, in-house managed functions and fully serviced functions
  • Achieves reduction in System and Overhead Processing Costs

Fully Serviced Solution

  • Provides a fully  serviced Import Trade Service with minimum system clicks for key cost and import product information and status updates
  • Pre-Order Accurate Delivered Cost Per Unit of Product Imported in local currency
  • Lower Cost per Unit of Imported Product achieved by participation in aggregation and consolidation of volumes and value.