Irrespective of the size of the import business or the size of shipments imported (from less than a container load to 15 000 full container loads per annum) you will benefit. Take a look at what TradeCloud will do for you:


  • Provides accurate, real time, cost per unit of product to be imported
  • Provides the cost per unit of product in the currency of the importer
  • Includes and allocates all door-to-door logistics costs into the cost per unit of product
  • Includes “locked down” foreign exchange conversion rates as well as cost of finance (when applicable) into the cost per unit of product

TradeCloud also:

  • Provides an interactive communication platform for buyers to interact with their suppliers
  • Real time interaction facilitates proposed order to pro-forma invoice confirmations and order changes and updates throughout the order lifecycle
  • Provides buyers with impacts on cost per unit of product of all changes and updates of orders and shipments throughout the process & provides buyers with per unit of product pre-order versus post-delivery variance reports
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